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June 24th, 2010 5 comentarios

If there was something I was not expecting to happen with the release of the iPad, it was the comeback of screen filling without a reason, non-linear layouts and let’s open a popup for that kind of interaction design.
If there was someone I was not expecting to follow this fashion, it was Google.

Two months ago, I was surprised to see that someone on the GMail team decided that having all your conversations on a sidebar was more important than having a linear, fullscreen view of the current conversation:

They have gone even further: they just released a new Compose window that asumes that, when writing an email, having a visible BCC field is more important than, say, being able to have a look at the whole thread you are replying to.

Now, I know there is a point for this: when designing for an existing platform, one must follow the platform’s UI guidelines. But this is the web, and we all know the GMail team can do better than just follow Apple’s Mail.

I really hope this trend will fad. For instance, Marco Arment is droping the sidebar on his great Instapaper app.

  • La primera a mi me gusta!! 🙂

    Me parece muy util tener las conversaciones a la izquierda y el mail que estas leyendo a la derecha, a lo mejor las conversaciones podrian ocupar un poco menos de espacio, pero me parece util.

    Eso si, en lo de la ventana de escribir un nuevo email estoy totalmente de acuerdo.

  • I, too, happen to like the “master+detail” pattern in Gmail. The alternative, having a master page and then a detail page, forces you to “pogo-stick” between them as you skim your inbox.

  • I understand people that like having a split view for threads and current conversation, that’s been around since the first days of email. (I don’t like it, I am a previous/next heavy user —or, to be honest, a K, J, U, G+I, etc heavy user)

    What I do not get, though, is how they came to the conclusion of getting rid of the split view for the desktop version, and then got it back in for the iPad version.

    Knowing how Google works as little as I do, I am sure the iPad version is some kind of a side projects of one of Google’s UX employees, who probably happens to be an Apple fan.

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  • daniel

    Me encantan estas reflexiones, lógicas como él mismo, de denegro. No me atrevo a aplicarlo al diseño de página, pero sí quiero dejar indicadas, en general, mis preferencias por la filosofía que se sencierra en aquello de que “quien mucho abarca poco aprieta”. Perdona, denegro, pero los refranes pierden mucho al traducirse. Regards y kisses