We did it again

March 6th, 2009 2 comentarios

Last week Sergio and I released the second version of, our very private web app for football betting that started just before the last Euro.

This time it has a Champions League flavour, thus the name: Champions Poorra. The release on the last minute rule and please do not test at all thing has not changed though.

Champions Poorra logo

As you can (hardly) see below, it also has a nice and long horizontal scrolling, which I first pictured myself when thinking of how the home/away playoffs would change the application’s layout and then couldn’t help but build. Because the thing is private, the Usability Police cannot chase me and I get away with murder. I just love it, I must admit.

Champions Poorra screenshot

Sorry to everyone who reads this and cannot participate… I will keep you posted on who gets the 1000 euros. And so will our twitter account.

Rumors are we might be launching a F1 version soon… who knows.

  • pzon

    it would be great this F1poorra!!!

  • Nacho

    Leerte en inglés es como leer al Babylon, poco más o menos ;P:D

    ¡Buena suerte con la porra!