Turning off GMail's vacation responder for mailing lists

August 20th, 2008 2 comentarios

[’s translations on demand or the start of a new era of English writing? who knows. Anyway, this is a human translation of this very same post written in Spanish yesterday]

Now for a free “ux consulting” or “Google, hire me” one: I hate having bosses, friends, enemies, strangers or clients reminding me they are on the beach and I am just a loser in the office. I specially hate being rewarded with such a souvenir every time I post something to a mailing list. But let’s be constructive:

Would it be so hard? Please.

  • No please, not yet another round of the English vs Spanish posts fight!

    Ok, i’ll start making popcorn….

  • By the way, what about having a checkbox right to the contact so you can tag them as “mailing list” so Google automatically knows they are and skip sending them holyday messages?


    ps: Google, you can contract me too